Our Recorded Narration/Voiceover Audio Data is used for company promotional videos,
advertising videos, TV commercials, stockholder meetings, events and more.

CLIENTS_Masters of Voice

So far, we have done for...

・Corporate Video Package VOs
・Game Tutorials
・In-house Presentation for Grocery Stores
・Projection-Mapping VOs
・Programming School Teaching Materials
・Manga (Comic) App Introduction
・Corporate Training Materials
・Medical Equipment Operating Procedures
・Product/Merchandise Introduction VOs
・Shopping Mall In-house Event VOs
・Corporate Sound Logo VOs
・Project Introduction VOs
・Event Staff Training DVD VOs
・Internet TV Program Introduction
・Commercial Film VOs
・Corresponding Courses
・Several Museum Audio Guides
・Aquarium Creature Introduction (Audio Guide)
・Commercial Film for Theaters
・Driver's School Training Videos
・Firework Event Compellation
・International Symposium Video VOs
・Medical Supporting System VOs
・Outdoor/In-town Announcements
・Street Election Announcements
・Stockholder Meeting VOs

・Ceremony VOs
・Phone Voice
・Phone Answering Voice
・Musical Stage Intros
・Bus Announcements (multi-lingual)
・Train & Station Announcements (multi-lingual)
・Mechanical Operating Voices
・Survey Read-Alouds
・Japanese Products & Souvenirs Audio Guides
・Fashion Show VOs
・Dance Event VOs
・Stage Event VOs
・University Promotional Video VOs
・In-flight Operating VO for Pilots
・In-flight Operating VO for Cabin Attendants
・In-flight Operating VO for Passengers
・Airport Announcements
・Authentication System Automated Operating Voices
・Parking-lot Adjusting Machine Automated Operating Voices
・Wedding Ceremony Movie VOs
・Virtual Reality (VR) Audio Guides & Narrations
・Care Products & Machines Operating Voices
・Emergency Information Distribution Service Voices
・Ships & Ferries On-deck VOs
・Cruise Tour Service Announcements
・Temple History Introduction Audio Guides

...and many more.

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