Affordable Price of Home-Recording
by Registered Narrators

Masters of Voice is recorded at each of registered narrator home*,
and all are professional studio quality!
One of the lowest & affordable price setting in the industry in Japan**! 

*Japan residential narrators can offer studio recording, depending on their schedule.
**Within 100 Japanese letters, 1 week delivery.

Narrator Home-Recording Pricelist
     w/Japanese Script, Ready to Submit (all tax free)

For non-broadcast business, web, point-of-purchase, event voice-overs, etc.
*All written prices include discounts. No further or additional discount will be applied.

*Delivery Date from Application of Fixed Order
WITHIN 1,000 US$ 56.00 US$ 49.00
WITHIN 200 US$ 79.00 US$ 68.00
WITHIN 300 US$ 96.00 US$ 84.00
WITHIN 500  US$ 138.00 US$ 120.00
WITHIN 1,000  US$ 198.00 US$ 172.00
WITHIN 2,000 US$ 307.00 US$ 265.00
WITHIN 3,000 US$ 404.00 US$ 348.00
WITHIN 4,000 US$ 496.00 US$ 426.00
※All tax free for payments from outside Japan.
※Payments within Japan will be invoiced in JPYen, and asked to burden consumption tax (10%) and bank transfer fees.

For broadcast (TV, cable, radio commercial spots)

*Delivery Date from Application of Fixed Order
WITHIN 100  US$ 140.00 US$ 105.00
WITHIN 200 US$ 200.00 US$ 150.00
WITHIN 300 US$ 255.00 US$ 187.50
WITHIN 500 US$ 365.00 US$ 272.50
WITHIN 1,000 US$ 527.50 US$ 397.50
※All tax free for payments from outside Japan.
※Payments within Japan will be invoiced in JPYen, and asked to burden consumption tax (10%) and bank transfer fees.

*Necessary to buy recorded voice data copyrights to use it for selling by any media or any business uses including TV/WEB commercials, any advertising use, promotional video or movie, e-learning, etc. An additional recording fee for business use will be claimed.
*Please contact individually for estimation for script using letters 4,001 and over.
*All above terms include in-house editing work hours before delivery. No extra or additional work hours (re-recording, re-editing) after the 1st delivery does not included.
*All delivery date in the above pricelist does not include days when offered re-recording.
*Office hours are weekdays 10:00 to 17:30. Office is closed during weekends and Japanese national holidays. We can arrange to work after office hours or in holidays if in rush, but please be noted all responses from us will be delayed when happened.

[NEW FUNCTION] "Auto-Estimation" Function for Masters of Voice!!
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*Non-listed letter volume of script in the above pricelist must be estimated individually.



May choose you narrator for recording.
But in case for hurry or very limited time, Masters of Voice will select the best narrator on behalf of clients.

*Since Masters of Voice service is NOT registered narrator managing company, we confirm their schedules whether he/she can accept your order. Even they would accept, still necessary to confirm whether we could deliver the complete voice data by the deadline.
*Voice Samples are "just" samples, it may differ by content of scripts and reading speed.


Please confirm and listen each narrator's voice samples in registering narrator pages.
If necessary to have voice sample data for selecting in your office, feel free to contact us for data requests (applied in mp3 data only).

*We may arrange to send your requested narrator voice sample data with additional fee CLICK & refer below button to open Translation & Optional Menu page.
*Sample voice data will be ready in around 2-3 business days.


Total letters will be counted (summed up) by all scripts to be used for recording.
Whenever selecting plural number of narrators for your recording, each narrator will count all letters in your script and summed.

*Our Estimation will be separately made for individual order, even for a same work case.


We count the number of letters in scripts by using Microsoft Word's [Character Count Function], including spaces. All "periods (.)" and "commas (,)" will be counted as letters.

*We request to send your script in Microsoft Word file only.
*If received your script file other than Microsoft Word file (PDF, Excel, picture files, etc.), we cannot create your estimation.


We count the day after our application toward your fixed order notice as "1st business day".
We do our best to deliver your data by the deadline date & time, but it may pass some time from 18:00pm depending on total amount of works we are to complete.

*"Re-recording" to be instructed by any client, we rearrange delivery schedule once again.


The finished data will be delivered either by MP3 (MPEG Audio Layer-3) format or by WAV (Windows Wave) format.

*Each format creative setting is as follows.
MP3: 128kbps/44.1kHz/stereo WAV: 44.1kHz/16bit/stereo


We deliver your finished data by attaching on our e-mail or using data sending service on Internet.

*We can arrange to send your data by recording in CD-Rs at JP\1,700 per CD-R (about US$16.00) + shipping fee. You may choose either "music format" or "data format" for recording data on CD-R. For CD-R delivery, the delivery date is set for data delivery, CD-R(s) will be sent after proof hearing.


We "Re-Record" our data when any misreading or intonation is clearly differ from instruction ONLY. A replacement of script, a narrator atmosphere, subtle nuances or reading speed difference from your "image" will be asked to pay additional fees.
Our service is done only by e-mails (sometime by phones), any strict performance or a subtle nuance instruction toward our narrator is very difficult. We ask to confirm reading speed and/or reading tones before start recording, however, the final reading decision will be relied to our narrators.


All payment must be done in advance, by PayPal only. All payment must be done prior to recording.

*Our PayPal account information is clearly written in the bottom "NOTE" column of estimation sheet.


All delivered data's Copyright and any related rights attribute to Masters of Voice. Any secondary use of informed purpose of delivered data use is strictly prohibited. All of our data is edited to remove any atmosphere noise and/or lip-synch by narrators, however, all recording is done at home-recording or SOHO recording, may differ or inferior than that of studio recording.

Masters of Voice Service Process

5STEPS_Masters of Voice
*The payment method will be informed at the same time of sending your estimation.

*Your requested narrator will not be able to record his/her voice for limited time delivery. Please select at least two or three narrators.
*If your submitting script is too long or has a lot of specific words, our proof-reading before recording will need additional time.

Optional Menu for Home-Recording Service

Masters of Voice offers some optional menus for our home-recording service.

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