Native Foreign Language Narrators, Now Hiring for A New Registry!

We are receiving many foreign-language narration orders & requests, recently, we started to hire a new registry of foreign language native narrators.



 ・ Native speakers of US English, UK English, Chinese or Korean
 ・Already has several years (more than 3 years) of work experience as a professional narrator/voice actor,
  or now working as a narrator/voice/actor
 ・Has a recording equipments/machines at home, possible to simple-edit finished data
 ・Can work responsibly
 ・Can understand a little Japanese (both reading & hearing)
 ・Can contact by e-mail, send replies within 12 hours.
  ※Does not matter your residential country or area, since all recording is done by SOHO (home) recording.


 Ages within 20-45, any sexuality is possible.


 Since all work is done at home and it is a simplized recording service, your salary will be cheaper than that of studio recording.
 We are pleased to hire native foreign language narrators who are still willing to take it under written conditions.
 ※We will not hire anyone who does not fall under the above written language narrators.


 It depends on number of words in scripts and delivery deadline, every time.
 Our pay-form will be informed to only ones passed our selection criteria.


 Fill in all blanks in below registry form and click "SEND" for register. Masters of Voice will contact you within a few days.
*Please read and confirm our Consent for the Treatment of Personal Data in advance for sending your order,
  estimation request or inquiry by this form.